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Daniel D. Crowley


Jeffrey Miller

President - Integrated Care & Chief Legal Officer

William Dembereckyj, CPA

President – Sonrava Insurance Group

Greg Marotta

Chief of Staff & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Zhi Meng

President - Sonrava Health Dental Group & Chief Dental Officer

Krishna K. Maridi

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Eisen


Jimmy Palacios

Chief Growth Officer

Julieun Kawasaki

Chief Marketing Officer

Vivek Kumar

Chief Credit Officer

Jon Bennett

Chief Information Officer

Eric Royal, JD, MPH

Chief Compliance Officer

Eric Pellkofer

National Senior VP, Orthodontics

Patricia Himpelmann

National Senior VP, Implant Services

Andrew Eddy

Senior VP, Real Estate & De Novo

Peter Brown

Senior VP, Internal Performance & Supply Chain Management

Steven Collins

Senior VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

Susan Lotz

Senior VP, Quality Management & Plan/Network Ops

Pranjal Mishra

Senior VP, Operations - East

Peter Truong

President - West

Yein Kim

President - Central

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