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PerioProtect® at home gum disease treatment starts with a prescription from your dentist

GUMX Defender Plus+™ is an at home gum disease treatment that starts with a prescription from your dentist

Customized tray delivers medication to control bacteria responsible for gum disease. 

  • Used in conjunction with scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) to decrease gum pocket depths
  • Recommended to alleviate first warning signs of gum disease (gingivitis) to more advanced stages (periodontitis)
  • Safely and gently reduce swollen, bleeding gums and infections that if left untreated may lead to teeth loss

Ideal for patients who: struggle with home gum care maintenance, may be susceptible to gum disease, have had extensive restorations, or want to avoid advanced surgical care.  Warning: side effects may include whiter teeth and fresher breath. 


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