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Only Orthodontists straighten smiles at Western Dental

Orthodontists specialize in reshaping smiles. They spend years in school and residency programs learning about the structures that support healthy teeth. No one understands facial structure, jaw bones and teeth like an Orthodontist.

When it comes to braces, they are our go-to guys and gals. When you get braces at Western Dental you will see an orthodontist and no one else.

Traditional braces

Classic silver braces are a proven, reliable way to shift teeth into a straight, healthy smile. If you want a little extra flash, you can get them gold-plated.

Learn more about traditional braces

Clear braces

A virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth that is just as strong, precise and reliable as traditional braces.

Learn more about clear braces

ClearArc® Invisible Aligners

Replace brackets and wires with discreet, removable trays that snap over your teeth. Every 2-3 weeks your orthodontist will provide you with a new set of aligners which gradually reshape your smile.

Learn more about ClearArc®

What are the Real Benefits of Braces?

Braces are orthodontic devices that straighten teeth and correct improper bites. They typically consist of small metal or ceramic brackets attached to the front surface of your teeth and then connected to flexible metal wires. Braces work by gently applying continuous pressure to your teeth over a period of time (typically 6 to 30 months) to gradually move them into their ideal positions. Once your braces are taken off, you may need to wear a removable retainer to keep your teeth properly aligned.


Why do people need braces?

Braces aren't just for looks. Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can cause speech problems, increase the risk of decay and even lead to chronic health problems.

Why straighter smiles are healthier

Every kid should see the orthodontist

It's important to get an orthodontic check-up as your child's first grown up teeth start to come in. It's a lot easier to change a smile while it's still forming, and correcting problems early can save your child from a lifetime of problems.

Learn about kids and braces

Living with braces

Is awesome! You're on your way to new smile. You will have to change a few things — like how you brush and floss (you do floss, right?), and you'll have to say "no" to super-sticky-taffy. But trust us, it is so worth it.

Braces: What to expect

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