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Get a free dental exam including X-Rays 

We believe every tooth matters and that's why we'll check your teeth for free (*see details), even if you don't have insurance, Medi-Cal or a great big wallet. It's not just you. We'll do it for any new patient. That's how much we care about teeth.

Interested in a *free exam? Just call us!

One home for teeth of every size, shape and age

Western Dental operates a little differently. OK, a lot differently!

Most dentists and dental specialists run their own, individual practices. Which is great, until you spend an afternoon hauling your kids to three different offices on opposite sides of town.

We bring all the dental care your entire family needs together under one roof. We call our model a Dental Home, because we're home for everything a tooth owner could want: your hygienist and dentist, your records, orthodontists, oral surgeons — it's all here for you in one place.

What Dental Home means for you and your family

  • One-stop dental care for your entire family
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) staff at most locations
  • Pediatric dentists at every location
  • Dental specialists — periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists and oral surgeons — at every location     
  • Dentists and specialists who know your needs and work together
  • Higher training standards and rigorous quality of care
  • State of the art tools and equipment
  • Care coordinators who help you get the care and financing you need

Make an appointment

Get those chompers cleaned every six months!

Regular check-ups and cleanings get rid of tartar and plaque. Plus, they give us a chance to spot problems, like the beginnings of a cavity, early so we can treat them without drilling and filling. If you're good to go, we'll see you in six months. If you need advanced care, we can usually take care of you right in the same office.

What we do at a check-ups

You don’t want holes in your teeth, do you?

There's a 24-7, plaque-making bacteria party in your mouth, and it's no fiesta for your teeth. Over time, the acid in plaque dissolves the calcium in your teeth, until — wait for it — you’ve got a hole in your tooth. AKA a cavity. Visiting us at least every six months helps keep plaque away, but there is a lot you can do at home.

Learn how to fight cavities

Why is seeing the dentist so important?

Because there’s a party going on in your mouth, 24-7! Everyone’s mouth — including yours — is full of bacteria that lives off the food and sugars left behind after you eat. Skip brushing your teeth and you’ll feel a sticky film on your teeth. That’s bacteria living it up and forming what dentists call plaque.

Plaque irritates your gums and releases acid that weakens your tooth enamel. Leave plaque alone and it hardens into tartar, which can cause irreversible gum disease and bone loss.

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