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Little teeth need extra-big care

Raising a healthy smile starts within six months after your baby’s first tooth appears, but no later than your child’s first birthday. From infants to teenagers, kids need extra attention in a safe, kid-friendly dental home to ensure their adult teeth will last a lifetime.

Keeping young nibblers nibbling is a privilege and a duty we take very seriously.

Dental offices just for kids

While Western Dental serves children in all its locations, our dedicated pediatric (kids only) offices specialize in the comprehensive care of infants, toddlers, young children, adolescents and teens, as well as patients with special needs to ensure kids receive exceptional care. Dental care is made fun, friendly and safe by a specialized team of doctors, hygienists, orthodontists and specialists trained to provide extra attention and care for young patients.

Did you know? 

Dental problems cause 1 in 3 elementary school absences in Los Angeles

According to the USC, 73% percent of disadvantaged kids in LA have cavities. Nationwide, cavities are the #1 childhood disease. No child should have to suffer dental problems that we grownups can easily prevent.

If your child hasn’t recently visited a dentist, please call Western Dental Kids. We'll give your child a complete check-up for FREE. If they need additional dental care and/or braces, we'll help you find the resources you need, including help enrolling in Medicaid (also known as Medi-Cal Dental).

We make oral health fun

We like getting children involved in taking care of their teeth. We give them lots of patience and praise, mixed in with simple, fun instructions on proper teeth care at home. We’ll give them easy-to-follow booklets with tooth coloring activities, and we always provide videos and games to make learning about teeth fun.

Regular check-ups and cleanings keep chompers chomping

Once your child’s first tooth appears, it’s time to start regular check-ups and professional cleanings. Children should see the dentist every six months, so we can help prevent (or catch) tooth decay and alignment problems early. Our pediatric dental experts can help prevent more serious problems later by treating dental issues from the start. 

Seal out cavities

While brushing is key to preventing cavities, it’s not always possible to reach every nook and cranny, especially back molars, where food particles and cavity-causing bacteria can hide. That’s why sealants, a clear, thin protective coating, can be an important treatment in reducing and preventing cavities when applied to your child’s teeth.

It’s an easy and painless process. Your dentist may also apply fluoride to strengthen your child’s teeth. It’s all part of the comprehensive care you receive at Western Dental.

Did you know: The American Dental Association (ADA) advises that sealants applied to molars can reduce the risk of cavities by 80%.

We're here to destroy cavities

We’re sad to say that cavities are the number one childhood disease. That’s why we’re obsessed about treating and preventing them. Cavities can cause pain and become infected if not treated right away. We repair cavities with permanent fillings, or crowns to help kids keep teeth healthy and strong.

We’ll fix the cracks and fill in the gaps.

Running, playing, biting – kids can be tough on teeth. If your child damages a tooth, we can fix it before it becomes a deeper fracture or infection, or easily restore a missing or diseased tooth.

Did you know that a bad tooth can affect the health of the surrounding teeth?  Bacteria and infection can travel to surrounding teeth, so it’s important to fix dental problems before they spread.

Crown me!

If a tooth’s injury is too large for a filling, your child’s dentist may recommend a new crown to help restore the tooth’s normal size and shape and help adult teeth come in strong and straight. A crown is a custom-molded, natural looking tooth replacement. Once the crown is in place, your child can get back to get chewing, chomping and smiling with confidence.

Guide to the Kindergarten Oral Health Requirement

Many things can affect how well a child does in school, including their health. Your child’s tooth decay and cavities can affect their overall health, which is why all children must show proof that they have had a dental exam when starting school.

Here's everything you need to know about the kindergarten oral health requirement:

Who: California children entering public kindergarten or first grade if your child did not attend kindergarten.

What: Must have a dental check up by a licensed dentist or a registered dental hygienist.

When: By May 31 of their first school year. Dental evaluations that have happened within the 12 months before your child enters school will also meet this requirement.

Where: California public schools.

Why: Healthy teeth play an important role in a child's overall well-being, impacting their ability to eat, speak, smile, and maintain positive self-esteem. When children develop cavities, it can affect their eating habits, reduce smiles, and even get in the way of concentration and learning in school.

How: Your school will give you the required form to take with you to your child’s dental checkup. After the check-up is complete, the dental provider will fill out the required form, which you can then send to your child's school as proof of compliance with the kindergarten oral health requirement.

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