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Let’s fill those gaps and build a better smile

When it comes to building a healthy smile, you have lots of options. A damaged tooth that needs a crown. Bare gums that need some dentures. We can help you bring your smile back to life.

First, we help your smile start to heal

Before we restore you smile to 100% awesomeness, we have to treat the underlying problems in your teeth, gums and jaw. That way we can build your new smile on a strong, healthy mouth.

Bone Restoration

The first step in restoring a lost tooth

Bone restoration grafts new material into the socket where your tooth’s roots used to be. Restoring the bone helps your jaw stay healthy and strong.

Learn about bone restoration


No matter what type of extraction you have, our oral surgeons can help get that tooth out.

Learn about extractions

Root canals

Endodontist to the rescue!

When a tooth gets infected deep inside, it can hurt so bad you might want to rip it out. But we can end your pain and save your tooth with a root canal.

Learn about Root Canals

Second: we build you a brand new smile

When you’re fully recovered from root canals and bone restoration, we start on the fun part: recreating your original smile.

Crowns and Bridges

If you damage a single tooth, a crown is the way to go. Bridges span the gap between missing teeth.

Learn about Bridges and Crowns

Dentures and implant dentures

Lost your natural teeth? Dentures will give you something to smile about

Restore up 90% of your chewing ability and preserve your jawline and your face’s natural shape with the latest denture implant technologies.

Learn about dentures


They are the permanent fix for missing teeth.

Implants are anchored into the bone of your jaw, which helps your jaw stay healthy and gives you teeth that can bite, munch and chew like 100% natural, living choppers.

Learn about implants

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